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Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment

Organic Freshen Up Facial $25 

This express facial treatment will give your skin a feeling of freshness, regenerated by cleansing, exfoliating and relaxing massage with natural skincare products and organic botanical masks that help improve skin tone, shrink pores and wrinkles. Perfect for lunchtime pecks, an evening out and/or before a special occasion. (30 minutes)

Deep Cleansing Facial $60 

Hands down, you will love this facial treatment. Relax and enjoy as care is lavished upon you during our beloved. After deeper clean and exfoliation, blackhead removal, we apply natural skincare products to refresh and rebalance, the steam process is added to revitalize the skin with moisture followed and a relaxing massage. Your treatment is not complete without an organic botanical mask and vitamin C serum and brightening cream moisturizer at the end of treatment to improve skin tone, cell turnover, minimize pores, anti-age. (60 minutes)

Facial By Organic Spirulina $90 

The treatment is performed using a micro-needle method that penetrates the organic spirulina deeply into the skin. Followed of the full range of steps such as DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL TREATMENT to give your skin whitening, tightening, firming, improving uneven skin tone, anti-aging and blurring bruises. (90 minutes)